Top 10 Best Taobao Agent in China

Sharline Shaw

What’s more, many questions will come to mind as you plan to import goods.

How will I know the quality of the Taobao products?

How will I transport the goods? Above all, who will do the sourcing for me?

What Is Taobao Agent?

There are various websites you can use to purchase items from China, for example, Taobao. Alibaba owns Taobao.

It is best to use a third-party service to source your goods from Taobao. It helps improve the shopping experience. And, this is where Taobao agents come in.

A Taobao agent is any person, company, or organization. They buy goods from on behalf of a person or company at a commission.

What’s more, Taobao agents find, buy, and check goods on Taobao on behalf of a buyer. Below are the top 10 Taobao agents who can help you source products with ease.

Top 10 Best Taobao Agents in China

1. Leeline Sourcing

Established in 2009 in Hong Kong, Leeline Sourcing is one of the best Taobao agents in China. They offer product sourcing services for both medium and small-scale business enterprises.

They place orders and follow up on production schedules. Besides, they also cross-check the quality of the finished products.

This Taobao agent also handles exportation, offers importation consultation, and many other services. They also assist buyers who cannot visit China.


  • Focus On Big, Medium, and Small Importers

No matter how many items you would like to import, Leeline is willing to assist you. Some agents will not pay attention to small importers but not Leeline.

They pay attention to a minor importer as much as they would if they were a big importer.

  • Final Product Inspection

They carry out a product inspection before they ship out your products. As a result, it guarantees the client gets high-quality products.

  • No Upfront Fees And Hidden Fees

With Leeline Sourcing, there is no request for an upfront fee until you are happy with the whole process. Due to their transparency, there are no hidden fees for their services.


  • Sometimes Services Take Long

Yes, sometimes they might take a long to source some products.

2. Basetao

Basetao is among the best Taobao English agents. They offer Taobao English support, but for a fixed time which is between 9:30 to 18:30.

They offer repacking, shopping, and shipping services to customers worldwide. Their shipping services also include domestic shipping.

Moreover, they allow various payment methods. They also have an insurance policy to ensure the safety of client’s parcels.


  • Free Quality Check

They check the quality and provide free high-quality pictures of the products. They do this once the product reaches their warehouse.

  • 5% Service Fee

Basetao made its way on the list of some of the cheapest Taobao agents.

They charge a service fee of 5%, which goes even lower for VIP customers. To become a VIP customer, one has to subscribe to their VIP plan promotion.

  • 180 Days of Parcel Storage

They offer long and zero-cost storage space for parcels. They can keep clients’ parcels for up to 180 days, something that other agents may lack.


  • The Website Interface Is Hard To Use

The website of this Taobao agent is not user-friendly. First-timers find it hard to use it. They often spend a long time looking for information on their shopping platform.

  • No Mobile App

Basetao did not take advantage of the popularity of smartphones. They don’t have an application for mobile users.

  • Expensive Currency Exchange Fee

Clients end up paying 6% to 8.6% of the item’s price because they use a high exchange rate.

3. Cssbuy

Cssbuy is one of the cheapest Taobao agents like Basetao. They have a wide range of shipping methods. Thus, it gives anyone looking for a Taobao agent service a wide range of choices.

Apart from being the cheapest, their Taobao shipping services are reliable. One should not make a wrong impression about Cssbuy. Because they are cheap, it doesn’t mean their quality is not good.

At Cssbuy, you may get value for your money. It is a good substitute for someone looking for cheap yet good value.


  • Cheap Shipping Services

Cssbuy has the cheapest shipping rates. They use reliable couriers such as; DHL, SF-express.

  • Offer A Wide Range of Shipping Methods

There is a wide range of shipping methods to choose from when using Cssbuy. They offer shipping methods like China postal and the preferential line. They also use some tax-free transport services.

  • Low Currency Exchange Fee

They may have a hidden exchange fee, but they are the cheapest you will find. Besides, this company may charge approximately 3% of the money one tops up.


  • Buggy Mobile App

Their mobile app seems buggy. But, the company can still take credit for having it, considering some Taobao agents don’t have one.

  • Longer Delivery And Processing Time

It takes longer for them to deliver parcels. That’s because many primary shipping agents are far from their location.

  • 24 Hours Customer Service Is Not Available

Their services can be available during certain hours of the day. Even so, they are responsive.

4. Superbuy

It is one of the most potent Taobao agents available. It provides Taobao shopping services to both small business owners and individuals across the continent. Besides, they are professional and reliable.

Superbuy provides a free mobile app to its customers. Their support staff is helpful, responsive, and quick.


  • Easy to Use Interface

Superbuy’s website is straightforward and easy to use. You spend less time searching and understanding how to use their services. You can make orders with a few clicks.

  • Excess Shipping Fees are Refundable

All shipping excess payments are refundable. The refund happens after the goods leave their warehouse. Thus, you need not have to bother about your money if you pay an excess.

  • Professional Customer Support

Customer support is everything for any business. With Superbuy, you get professional, friendly, and superb customer support. That is what makes it one of the best Taobao agents.


  • Currency Exchange Rate Fees Are High

Superbuy has hidden charges. When you top up using their website, you will notice a 7% hidden charge fee.

  • High Shipping Fee

Superbuy is also a Taobao shipping agent. But, their shipping service fee is on the higher side, especially when using postal services like EMS.

  • High Expert Service Fee

While most Taobao agents charge a 5%-8% service fee, Superbuy charges a 10% expert service fee. What this means is that they charge 10% of the total order value.

5. Ytaopal

Created in 2016, Ytaopal is efficient and reliable. They handle customer orders within a space of 24 hours.

The company is famous because of its prices and good customer support services. If you can’t locate specific items on Taobao, tell them. Ytaopal can help you find the same product.


  • Free Photos For Quality Check

They provide quality checks for items by sending photos. They also provide product measurements upon request.

  • Great Customer Support Services

If you come across any specific issue, you can contact their workers on WeChat.  Their staff is professional, accommodating and they respond very fast.


  • Limited Shipping Methods

Only three reliable shipping services are available, which are; ePacket, EMS, and DHL. But, these services are expensive. They have no cheaper shipping services like FedEx or SF-express.

  • Exchange Rate of 6%

Ytaopal charges their customers a 6% rate which is neither cheap nor expensive. Comparing them to some other Taobao agents, their charge is average.

6. 42agent

It is one of the first Taobao agent companies. Formerly known as Taobaoring, 42agent has a warehouse in Beijing.

They have a list of fees on their website and have a good reputation among users.


  • Transparent

42agent has a clear list of all its services, fees, and payments on its website. Thus, it shows how transparent they are regarding sourcing from Taobao or any other portal.

  • Amazing Customer Service

Their customer service is fast, and they are friendly. They reply within a space of 24 hours. Their customer support is available on Email, Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp, etc.

  • Unboxing Service

They offer their customer unboxing services which are free. They make sure to take a video during the process which they send to their customers.


  • Basic Website

They have an out-of-date website design. It does not create a good impact on most users.

  • Elevated Exchange Rate

Well, 42agent also charges pretty elevated exchange rate fees. They charge up to 5% of the total cost of the items.

  • Few Shipping Options

They do not have a wide range of shipping options because of their location, north of China. International transport is not as advanced as in the south of the country.

Due to this, their shipping prices are neither competitive nor the best. They also do not tolerate replicas or restricted products like other companies.

7. Bhiner

It is another agent that assists international buyers with Taobao. It offers a simple Taobao shopping service.

Some of their top features include; responsiveness, simplicity, and reduction of risks through quality checking.


  • Fair Service Fee

They offer 5% of the total price of goods and domestic shipping services fee.  It is on the average side, considering some other agents charge a service fee of 8.6%.

They also provide detailed information on customs and duties. It is to help clients with high-cost taxes.

  • A Variety of Payment Methods

They accept payments from Paypal, bank transfers, MoneyGram, Western Union, and Credit cards.

  • Discount On Some Shipping Methods

They support a range of shipping services like; DHL, EMS, Ups, FedEx, Air Parcel, etc. Besides, they give a 40% discount for some of their shipping methods.


  • Website Is Not Easy To Use

Their website may be modern, but it lacks certain information. For example, the “How Bhiner Works,” “The FAQ” pages, and “Coming Soon” pages are tricky to read. That makes it difficult for clients to get instant information on how it works.

It also lacks filters to help ease the search process. The only filter available on the page is one on the price range.

  • Unclear Methods of Customer Support

They have a quick help button on their website, but there are a few clues on contacting customer support. And their services are not available for 24 hours.

8. Tbfocus

Tbfocus, fully known as Taobao focus, can assist you in buying items from Taobao in English. Other language options include;  Russian, French, and Chinese buying agents.

They are Taobao USA agents. Other countries they offer services to include; Canada, UK, France, etc.


  • Great Customer Support

They have fast and reliable staff. Besides, the staff is quick to help if there is any problem. Tbfocus has email and chats communication options available.

  • No Minimum Order

Tbfocus does not need a minimum order for items. It means you can buy any items in any quantity you want.


  • The Shipping Cost Is High

They have high shipping costs. Reviews show that they have hidden costs that make the shipping rate costly.

9. Wegobuy

Wegobuy is one of the recent Taobao shopping agents on the market.

It provides both Taobao shopping services and Taobao shipping services. Their team contains some of the best industry experts.


  • Easy To Use Interface

Wegobuy has an easy-to-navigate interface. It allows clients to spend less time figuring out how to use the site.

  • Free Inspection Photos

They provide their clients with free inspection photos. Besides, they will not charge anything extra to send you product pictures.

  • Payment Options

It has several Payment methods which give clients a variety to choose from to buy their services. They allow Visa, Master Card, Paypal, etc.


  • Service Fee of 5%

Although this is the average service fee, some customers complain it is on the higher side. They charge 5% of the total cost of items.

  • No Mobile App

Wegobuy does not have a mobile app that customers can use on their smart devices.

10. Yoybuy

Yoybuy provides two types of services. The two services are; a typical Taobao agent and a forwarding service. Above all, they offer a reasonable price for their products.

They also make it on the list of English Taobao agents. Perhaps the fascinating thing is that they also offer Russian support services. It runs between 9:30 am and 6:30 pm.

They have similar features with Superbuy. If you buy a product for the first time on their website, you get a coupon of $10.


  • Easy to Use Website

They have an accessible, stylish website. Moreover, Yoybuy also has an online account option. That makes it a good Taobao USA agent.

  • Variety of Payment Methods

They provide safe payment methods. The payment methods include; Visa credit card, Master credit card, Western Union, etc.

  • Quality Inspection

They provide free inspection for every product.


  • High Service Fee

Their service fee is slightly higher, and they do not have Paypal as a payment option.

  • Slow Customer Support

Reviews from previous clients show that they are slow to respond to customer queries.

FAQs About Taobao Agent

1. How to Choose a Taobao Agent?

Firstly, when it comes to picking a Taobao agent, there are many things to focus on every time. Here are five things you can look for when choosing a Taobao agent to use.

#1. Customer Support

Customer support matters a lot. The way an agent treats their customers will tell you a lot about the services they offer.

You can pay attention to vital things. It includes the available contact options, their operation hours, professionalism, and how friendly they are to queries.

You can check Leeline Sourcing’s contact us/customer support page. It has all the crucial information, including the detailed address of four different office locations.

#2. Reputation

The reputation the Taobao agent has will tell you whether to use them or not. You can find as many reviews as possible on different review platforms like Reddit, Trustpilot, etc.

Try to look for both the positive and negative reviews to understand what to expect entirely. If the agent has positive reviews only, it becomes suspicious. That’s because they may be fake reviews.

#3. Services on Offer

Take the time to understand the Taobao shipping services they have all the time. Some of the services may be expensive or take longer to reach you.

Also, find out if they provide insurance, measure the size, and take photos of the parcels.

#4. Price

Service fee differs from agent to agent. Find out the service fee of each agent.

Also, find out their shipping rate and the exchange rate, which can have hidden costs most times.

#5. User Friendliness of the Website

The easier the website interface, the easier it is to find products. It means you spend less time finding products. When selecting a Taobao agent, make sure their website is easy to navigate.

2. How Much Does a Taobao Agent Cost?

Taobao agent charges vary from agent to agent. The standard industry price is between 5%-8% of the total order value. But some agents find themselves charging a higher fee which can go up to 8.6%.

Some agents can charge as low as 3%, depending on their promotions or VIP promotion plans. But a lot of these agents have a hidden currency exchange fee. Some could be as high as 7%

3. How Can I Buy From a Taobao Agent?

Buying from a Taobao agent involves several steps. The following are some of the processes you can go through with a Taobao agent.

Step 1: Placing the Order

The first step to purchase any item from a Taobao agent is placing an order. You can do this by going to any Taobao store of your choice and look for the things you want to buy.

Once on the site, collect the links of the items you want. Paste the links into the input space you find on the Taobao agent’s website.

Place your order by pressing the add to cart button. The items are then available in your shopping cart.

There are many things to pay attention to when placing the order. Some of which are;

A. Does the Website Have Several Language Options?

Most of the Taobao agents’ sites have English translations. The translation is sometimes inadequate and hard to read. So, this has a high chance of happening if the agent’s English skills are not good.

Look for other language options if available. For example, Russian, Spanish, French, etc. But, it is not easy to find a Taobao website in your language.

B. Will the Taobao Agent Be Able to Purchase Your Items?

Items that fall into the following categories may need special attention.

  • Restricted goods
  • Virtual goods
  • Branded goods
  • Bulky goods

If your items fall under the above categories, first consult the agent before making any order. Do you want to discover top-ranking and best-selling items in China? Here are the top seven items you can consider.

C. Can I Navigate Their Website With Ease?

Look at whether you can manage to navigate the website yourself. If the website proves challenging to navigate, look for another website to use.

Step 2: Make the Payment

After adding all the Taobao items, you wish to buy to the cart, make your first payment.

Add the total amount of the cost of items into your account. The money you pay is for purchasing the items and shipping them to the agent’s warehouse.

Consider the following pointers when making a payment.

A. Exchange Rate

The exchange rate is either fixed or real-time. Agents use either of the two. Make sure you choose the best exchange rate deal.

Take into consideration the fact that the exchange rate fluctuates at any time.

B. Payment Option

As we know, there can be different payment methods preferred by Chinese suppliers. Likewise, different Taobao agents offer different payment options. It can be Paypal, Western Union, bank transfer, etc.

Choose an agent with a convenient payment method. Moreover, take into consideration the transaction fee of the payment method you choose.

Step 3: Storage

When you make your first payment, the Taobao agent buys the items for you. It takes about 2-3 days for items to reach the agent’s warehouse.

Once they reach the warehouse, they communicate with you. You can request pictures or videos of the items. You may also prefer that they de-box the items.  In short, this makes it lighter and reduces the shipping fee.

There are also a few things you need to consider when it comes to storage. The following pointers are some of them.

A. Does the Taobao Agent Offer Free Storage?

Not all agents offer free storage. Hence, you need to consider how long the agent is willing to keep the items in their warehouse.

Besides, it is vital if you are purchasing items that will arrive on different dates.

B. Does the Taobao Agent Provide Free Pictures for Quality Check?

Pictures are important because they help you to identify flaws. Moreover, they help ensure you are getting the correct item. You also check if the item meets your expectations.

Some Taobao agents take the pictures for free, while others may charge a fee to do so.

Step 4: Second Payment and Shipping

Once the items are in the agent’s warehouse, they inform you. They also request a second payment. Most will send the request via email.

To make the second payment and last payment, add the money to your account again.

As soon as the payment completes, the Taobao agent ships your parcel and gives you a tracking number.

There can be some vital things to note down when you reach this phase too.

A. How Affordable Is the Shipping Fee?

Choose a Taobao agent who offers the best Taobao shipping service fee. Make sure it is a fee you can afford.

B. What Shipping Options Are Available? and Which One Should I Use?

Check what shipping options your Taobao agent is offering. Choose the best shipping service from there.

The best shipping service should have a suitable delivery time and an excellent way to track the parcel. Also, consider custom clearance when choosing a shipping method.

Step 5: Arrival of Items

The items take between 5-20 days to arrive, depending on the departure day. It also depends on the method of shipment you use and where the parcels will go.

4. What Can I Buy From Taobao Agents?

You can buy any item you desire from Taobao agents. But other items need you to consult the agent before making a purchase.

It includes items that fall under restricted goods, virtual goods, branded goods, and bulky goods.

5. How Can I Find a Genuine Taobao Agent?

The best way to find a genuine agent is to do online research. Find out if the Taobao agent has flexible payment methods, for example, Paypal. Everyone knows how to pay via PayPal and even receive money on it. Also, find out if they deliver in your area.

6. Which Taobao Agent Is the Best?

The word ‘best’ is subjective. The best agent is the one that meets your Taobao shopping needs. But, communities like Reddit are the best to visit to get honest reviews on who the best agent is at the moment.

The people’s responses help you identify genuine customer reviews. So, you can find a Taobao agent who can meet your needs. Watch out for agents that get positive reviews only. That’s because sometimes they pay people for reviews.

Above all, you can get assured quality services at Leeline Sourcing.

7. Who Are the Cheapest Taobao Agents?

The cheapest Taobao agents, according to Reddit, are Wegobuy and Basetao. But, there is no harm in doing more research.

You can also look at value-adding services and features of Taobao agents. If you consider value, go for Leeline Sourcing.

8. Why Do I Need an Agent to Shop on

If you are an international buyer who does not understand Chinese, consider using a Taobao agent.

The reason is is a Chinese version of Alibaba which means language may be a barrier. You should also use an agent if you do not have a Chinese e-wallet account.

9. Can I Shop on Without the Help of an Agent?

If you have a Chinese e-wallet and know some Chinese, you can do it on your own. Some Taobao sellers may speak some English and even take international payments. But their prices are higher.

10. Can I Buy Without Any Limitations From Taobao?

You can buy whatever products you want on Taobao. The only limiting factor is shipping. Some items like DVDs, digital products, weapons, or liquid substances do not qualify for international shipping.

Other items like batteries can only be shipped if they are under 2 kg.

11. What Currency Can You Pay to the Taobao Agents?

Most transactions might happen in the Chinese Yuan. It is essential to know that the currency exchange rate can vary and change from time to time.

12. Is the Taobao Agent Responsible for Broken Items During Shipping?

Taobao agents pack parcels with care and skills to avoid damage. So they may not take responsibility for any damage.

But, some agents provide insurance for parcels. It means the insurance covers the damage.

13. What Will Happen if the Taobao Agent Mixes Up the Colors or Sizes?

Taobao agents check the items before shipping. Some provide quality checking services for free, while others need you to pay for it.

The quality check involves them unboxing the items. Moreover, they take pictures and videos during the process. Besides, they also send these copies to you to cross-check.

14. Is Taobao an Agent?

Taobao is not an agent but an online Chinese shopping platform. The people, companies, or organizations that buy items for customers on Taobao are Taobao agents.

15. Do I Need to Pay a Registration Fee for a Taobao Agent to Buy Items for Me?

Taobao agents do not need a registration fee for you to buy items. But you will have to create an account on your agent’s website.

The account is for adding items to the cart and making payments so that the agent can buy the items.

16. What Fees Do I Pay the Taobao Agents?

You pay for the items you want to buy, agent service fees, and shipping fees. You do not need any transaction fee.

17. Does the Taobao Agent Pay for Items That Have Defects?

The agent must make sure that the items have no defects. So, they do a quality check before shipping any items. If items have any defects, the agents help you replace or return them.

18. Will the Taobao Agent Be Responsible for Paying Tax?

The agent does not pay tax for the items. The buyer has to make sure they pay attention to the weight of their items. They also have to pay attention to the customs legislation in their country.

How Leelinesourcing Helps You Buy From Taobao in China

Leelinesourcing is one of the best sourcing partners. And it can help you source items on Taobao with ease. Here are details on how Leeline can help you.

Final Thoughts on taobao agent

If you are looking to buy products from Taobao, consider using a Taobao agent. Taobao agents offer Taobao shopping services and Taobao shipping services. They are the middlemen between Taobao and customers.

There can be many Taobao English agents offering the cheapest Taobao services across the globe. The best way to choose a Taobao agent is to understand your needs. After which, you can do agent research according to those needs.

Under all circumstances, Leeline Sourcing will stand by your side and offer quality services. If you are seeking a professional Taobao agent, reach us now!

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