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product insprction

Amazon FBA Inspection Service

We help you collect all your products in our amazon warehouse first, and implement quality control to inspect them. If there’s any quality issue, we will not only let you know, but also help you negotiate with manufacturers on your behalf. Our workers can also help you fix quality problems in our warehouse Before you ship it our from china to amazon USA,Canda,UK or Australia FBA Warehouse.

We also offer detailed photography for your product and video inspection, and our staff can inspect them at the factory if you wish.

Save your time and money, focus on product marketing and promotion on amazon.

Amazon FBA Label Service

As know, Amazon warehouse system is very automated.After Amazon warehouse identify product by fba private label, Warehouse will recieve your product which is shipped from china , make it available to sell on amazon and ship it out by fba to customer.

When Amazon Seller Wholesale Product from China to Sell on Amazon, Some of manufactures do not provide fba label service,But If your product do not have FBA Private Label, USA warehouse will not recieve your product and can not sell on amazon.

As Professional Amazon fba prep company, we provide FBA label service in China. Send us product FBA label and we will complete the rest. If you have any special request just tell us we will realize it for you.

package 1

Amazon FBA Package Service

If you want to create a new package for your product which sell on amzon, we can help you make a simple carton layout design, special cutting of EVA foam to protect the contents of the box, design fabric bags and more.

If you want to print on packages, inserts or whatever you need, we can do it for you. We cooperate with many professional printing factories who can complete printing based your design with a cheap price.

If you want to earn more money on amzon for a long time, building your brand on amazon is the best choice.So You need your brand logo on your custom product package.We will help to design brand logo and produce your Brand package.When we get your brand product packaging, we will do amazon fba preparation work for you before shipping it from china to fba.If you do not want to ship products out immediately,we can store the goods in our warehouse 1 month for free.


With the increasing Sku number On Amazon.com, product homogeneity is becoming more and more serious. Your products need to be more competitive than peers. It is a very good method to combine related products into a new product for sale.

We can help you Bundle the same or different products into one package as your request. This will add more value to your product.You will boost your sales on amazon.com.

shipping from china to fba

Amazon FBA Prep and Ship Service

When You complete Preparation Work before product fba shipment from china to Amazon.We help you ship goods from China all the way to your address in any countries, or to Amazon warehouses, and handle all import & export process. You always get competitive shipping quote from us, no matter it’s courier service, sea freight or air freight.

What Are You Waiting For?

Consult a Leelinesourcing specialist regarding your shipment to Amazon FBA and enter the world of hassle-free shipping!


If you want to wholesale product from china to sell on amazon.com,We will be your amazon fba prep center in china.

Basic Product Inspections

0.10$ per item (minimum of 20$ per order)

We will carefully consider the quantity and quality of your products and ensure that your products are well packaged.

Product labeling

0.20$ per item (minimum of 20$ per order)

Send us your FBA label and we will complete the rest of work.


$0.20 per item

We will put each product into an FBA-approved polybag. This is required if you have any loose items, or items that can come apart.


$0.30 per product in bundle (include 5 items)

$0.1 per one more item.

Our facility will mix and match your items together into any configuration you’d like.We can also help you with shrink-packing, re-packing, adding insert, and much more.

We also provide you with following service.If you need them please feel free to contact us.We will do our best to help you.

FBA Prep Services

If you’re already buying your products from Chinese manufacturers, we can provide you different aiding services to ease up the process for you.

FBA Private label

A FBA private label product is a product which is manufactured by a third-party manufacturer and sold under a brand name and fulfilled by Amazon.

FBA Logistics

We provide FBA logistic service, help you forward them to Amazon FBA warehouses. We cooperate with many Logistics providers in China. So you can enjoy a good shipping service at a cheap price.

Complete Guide For Amazon FBA Prep Services 

Fulfillment by Amazon is a next-level thing. It has changed the whole perspective of eCommerce. Now you do not need any inventory to store your product.

Moreover, physical presence to arrange, manage, and deliver your products to your customers. Focus on your products, and ways that how to extend your business, Amazon FBA takes to care for the rest of it.

Amazon FBA even accepts and manages returns from your customers. You need to prepare your stock, according to Amazon’s demands. Then send it to the Fulfillment center.

You need to test, pack, label, and quality check. Also, quantify, generate NSKU, look for the relevant packaging and much more.

The list goes on with the quantity and variety of the products in your store. It looks like a very exhaustive process to follow.

Moreover, it is manageable, if you are an inbound seller with a small inventory. But who knows what is next for you!

The next morning all of a sudden you wake up, your products sold out, and your customers are waiting for more of it. You can arrange more of it but the packaging according to FBA standards, will take some time.


what if you do not even have to worry about the prep process?

What if you are importing it from the sources outside your country and selling it to a marketplace alien to you?

What if you do not even have to touch your product and sell it?

If you have all these confusions, then you are in the right place. Amazon FBA prep services are the service for all your questions.

In this guide, we will take baby steps and try to tell you all about FBA prep services. We will sort out what is the best option in the market. Let’s dig in! Amazon FBA prep services will make your life easy and you can focus on other dimensions in your life.

Amazon FBA Prep Services


What are the FBA prep services?

When Amazon FBA business started, smart people around the globe found a niche for them. As the crowd of sellers was getting bigger, the opportunity was becoming more visible. These great entrepreneurs felt that Amazon had automated almost everything. But, this point is messing around and causing delays. They set up the resources, space and application integrated with Amazon.

Moreover, they named it FBA prep services. On the other side, Amazon named them, Third-party FBA prep services.

Yet, Amazon also provides prep services itself. But when you are shipping, Amazon has a whole set of shipping and routing requirements. So again, that would be difficult for people like us sitting in front of Laptops to manage these issues.

For this, the third-party FBA prep services providers also provide you shipping services. These guys are in this market for a very long time. FBA prep services providers are very professional. Amazon FBA prep service fees are also very reasonable.

Because of growing competition in the market. FBA prep service is the best option for the sellers who are extending or growing their business.

If you are a new seller with a small amount of inventory. You might be thinking that this is not your thing. But this is not the case. There is no limit of size or quantity with FBA prep services. Besides, the prep service does not charge much.

With liberty you will have, your business will find new horizons. You will become confident. You can look for the source products, outside your local marketplace. This will increase your profits, variety, and qualities.

What are Amazon FBA prep and inspection services

FBA prep services and Amazon FBA inspection 3rd-party companies. That offers various useful facilities to Amazon FBA vendors. A few of the services are inspecting deliveries to make sure they comply with Amazon seller standards. packaging of Amazon goods shipments, and so on.

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FBA Inspection

Why you need Amazon FBA prep services?

When we run a business, what are our top priorities? That is right! Our top priorities while running a business are:

  • Satisfaction
  • Maximizing profits
  • Lesser efforts
  • More free time
  • Options to extend our business
  • Security
  • Improving customers relations

Amazon FBA prep services will help you with all these. Let’s see how:

1.Buying from wholesalers

Amazon FBA has very strict prep policies for the items. You must follow as they guide. Else, you have to face a lot of difficulties. That is, your shipments may get delayed, returned or rejected by the FBA warehouse. Amazon may charge you an extra fee for noncompliance.

Or, they can ban your shipments forever on continuous violations. But, do not worry. That is why you need Amazon FBA prep services. Fba prep company takes care of all the hassles. The experienced staff makes your product perfect for the Amazon warehouse.

They have all that you need for packaging & protection. Also they pre-test your products according to the FBA demands. This pre-test lessens the number of returns. So, you get more chances to get good reviews. And that is satisfying!


While using amazon prep services you will never get out of stock. Almost every amazon prep center has a space to store your products. There is no limit of storage.

Moreover, they offer a nominal amount of charges. Neither they have any Long-Term-Storage fee as we practice in Amazon FBA warehouses.

You can put your most products in the Amazon FBA prep service storage. Experienced sellers recommend not to carry stock for more than 3 months. Because per-cubic-feet charges will keep on increasing.

Besides, some FBA prep companies are in tax-free zones. By selecting these as your prep service, you can cut down on taxes. For further details, you can ask your accountant. So, this is

3.Time and money-saving

Amazon FBA prep and ship services eased the way of doing online retail business. While using it, you have more spare time. More free time, more horizons to discover.

This time can help taking customer reviews and enhance the products. Or, replacing the products with the items in demand. Also, you can spend this time at your home with your family.


Success is the ultimate goal. You can achieve this goal very easily in an automated environment. You just need to focus on what most you can achieve. Be consistent and follow the path. FBA prep services will help you achieve it.

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How to Choose Amazon FBA Prep Services for your FBA business?

For choosing the best Amazon FBA prep service you have to consider these:


You are doing business for profits. So the first thing you will be looking at is which one is cheaper. Then you will make your list more compact by choosing those with extra options.

Further, you will ask the people using it. Moreover, the reviews they have given in different social media groups.


Location is the second most important thing. You have to sort out how it is suitable for you. You have to assess the distance and charges you have to pay for Import.

How much it is closer to your wholesaler?

What are the weather conditions?

Are they easily approachable?

Moreover, you can use more than one Amazon FBA prep services.

This will help save both money and time. Moreover, do not choose the third-party Amazon FBA services based on proximity. Because Amazon doesn’t need to store it at the same facility every time. Choose it rationally, while considering every possible factor.

3.Sales Taxes

Sales Taxes can affect your profitability. When you are looking for the location, also check the taxes. Some states have high taxes and some have low. Some are even tax-free zones.

That is you will see variations throughout the world. You can take advice on this from your accountant to turn it simple and profitable.

4.Storage facility

The next thing you need to find out is the Storage facility. The storage facility is of key concern. You can assess FBA per company based on a few factors.

That is, how much the facility cost?

What is the limit of storage?

Do they offer a palleting service?

Is it constructed keeping in view the disaster management?

Does the facility offer a controlled environment?

Does internal temperature workable for your good?

What is the humidity level?

Do they have maintained the record for shelf period of items with expiry dates?

What is the experience of other sellers in business with the facility?

Critically analyze every minor detail as it is good for future endeavors. If you think the storage facility has a good record, mark it on your list.

5.Processing time

Processing time is one of the most important factors to rank the prep service.

That is, how fast is the Amazon FBA prep service?

How much time they will take after receiving the shipment?

How much time do they take in labeling and packaging?

Lastly, what is the overall time from shipment to the FBA warehouse?

Most prep services claim the processing time between 24 to 48 hours. Again, check the reviews by the sellers in business. Reviews always give you a clear spectrum of reality.

6.FBA Inspection

The inspection method is the last and important aspect in choosing FBA prep services. Inspections are of two types;

Defective and Damaged product inspection:

When your shipment arrives at a prep service company. Some items probably might get damaged during movement. You have to find out that either the company offer the inspection or not.

As it is very important. Customers with defective items will be a bit of bad luck for you. They can put bad reviews that can impact your credibility. Also, if they return will be a wastage of time.

Dispute if You Receive Defect Goods

Packaging inspection:

Amazon has given a set of instructions about the inspection method. You have to make sure that your selected company has a history of good packaging service.

Review the posts from the Amazon sellers. Read or ask what they think about the FBA prep service about this. 

Packaging inspectionBest Amazon FBA prep services in China

Let’s find out some of the best Amazon FBA prep services for you in China. 


The Leeline Sourcing is one of the best sourcing and FBA prep service for you in China. Services are Product Sourcing, Quality Inspection, FBA Prep Service, and FBA Shipping Service.

In Product Sourcing, you can only send the picture of the product and they will source it for. Brand it as you want it to be. During this process, you can update at every interval of manufacturing. You can complete the product after the examination. After confirmation, the team will Quality inspect the product and share the report.

They store your product for free for the initial 30 days. This will help you buy more products and send them in a bigger quantity to reduce freight charges.

Moreover, they take 7 dynamic pictures of every product for your Amazon store. These pictures make your product stand out from others.

The Amazon FBA ship service offers freight and customs brokerage. Moreover, provides warehouse facility at Source ( China) and many destinations around the globe.

Moreover, it also provides Cargo Insurance. Also follow the strict rule of Labeling, packaging, and inspection. Then they deliver it to your FBA store as you ask them to do.


2.FBA Ops

FBA Ops is another China-based Amazon FBA prep service with competitive prices. It has an extension of product selection. This FBA prep company helps in searching for suppliers and products. If you want they can also search for it. And share the lowest possible price by negotiating with the manufacturers.

Moreover, they will pick the product for you and bring it to their inventory. Where they inspect and share the reports with you. Then FBA Ops will prepare your product according to the prescription of Amazon FBA.

All the labels and FNSKU are set and send them to your Amazon FBA warehouse anywhere in the World. FBA Ops also provide customizable solutions for your product. They also provide pallet inspection to check if the pallet is according to Amazon FBA demand.


FBA Achiever is an Amazon FBA prep and ship service company. They stand out from others by having inspection teams all around the world. Contact them they will send their inspector to check.

Moreover, they share a complete inspection report within 24 hours. Additionally, their basic inspection is free. For advance inspection, they charge a nominal amount of fee.

This depends on the number of inspectors engaged. They are experts in labeling, packaging, and inspection. This FBA prep and ship company send your product directly to your FBA warehouse. There processing speed is fast. They also offer a money-back guarantee.


 4.FBA Sourcing China

FBA Sourcing China is the newly growing FBA prep services. Additionally, other business domains are FBA Sourcing and Logistics based in China. While Marketing, and product development support from Israel. The FBA sourcing China will help you in product selection. Moreover, they prefer a unique product for every client.

They can also provide products on demand. They have a fast inspection, labeling and packaging facilities. FBA Sourcing China has a warehouse available in China and the USA (LA). You can store your products in the USA as well. This FBA prep offers customs clearance. Additionally, can directly send it to any FBA warehouse in the world.


5.QC Advisor

QC Advisor is an Amazon FBA prep service company. QC Advisor has expertise in inspection and Quality control. They provide prep and ship services to FBA sellers buying from China. They have fast and reliable sorting out, packaging, and labeling team.

Also, they coordinate well using an online notification system. They can tell you about your logistics coming from China.

 Best FBA prep service the USA


My FBA prep is the prep service based in the USA. Wholesalers from the USA are their audience. Tleastmum limit you can store is 250 units and is extendible. The services increased and low fees offered as you move to bigger plans.

Their main function is to receive your product. Then the seller acknowledges the receiving and confirmed.

After this labeling, wrapping, invoicing and thorough inspection starts. This can take 24 to 48 hours. It depends on what package you subscribed to.

There is no outbound fee. Provide free storage and listing. This Amazon FBA service provides active customer support.

My FBA prep


Prep it! Pack it! Ship it! That is what they do. This prep service has no limit. You can store even one unit. This is a pure prep service, all in compliance with the FBA warehouse.

All the sizing and schedule are strictly followed. They do not offer custom clearance or sourcing services. It is purely an FBA prep service.

3.FBA Prep & Go

FBA Prep and Go is the fastest USA based prep service. There is no subscription. They go with the flow. Thleastno minimum or maximum criteria. If you feel insecure to share your Seller central account. No problem! FBA Prep service can work with you as you agree.

They can provide full-fledged services to any single task of FBA prep service. They do not accept Fragile and delicate products. Moreover, they do not give services for groceries, Hazmat and Beauty products. They have nominal prices and pretty fast customer service.

FBA Prep & Go

4.My Prep Center

My Prep Center accepts the products from all types of sellers and can prep them. The prep center accepts international shipments.

Moreover, inspect, label and pack them for FBA warehouse. Their fee schedule is according to the number of items per bundle. If you sell products in sets, this prep service is for you.

5.California FBA Prep Service

California FBA Prep Service is a small FBA prep service. They are dealing with inbound sellers. There you can store your product for a limited time. Afterward, they charge you. If you are an international seller and selling in the USA it is not recommended for you.

California FBA Prep Service

 FBA Prep Services in uk

1.FBA Ship UK

FBA Ship UK is one of the oldest Amazon FBA prep services in the UK. They can help you with anything you feel hefty. They can help you with Importing from China to customs clearance. They can also clear your VAT payments and custom clearance.

This service is very reliable and will help your business grow faster. They handle things quite professionally. You do not understand how to pack some items. The first 14 days of storage are free. After that, you have to pay a fee per month.

2.We Prep FBA

We Prep FBA provides a nominal amount of fee. It works in almost every domain related to prep and storage in the UK. We prep FBA is one of the best amazon fba prep services in the UK. They can handle international shipments. Moreover, they can inspect, label and pack.

Further, they can store at attractive prices. Also, handle bundling and returns according to Amazon FBA requirements.

3.FBA Prep Service UK

FBA Prep Service UK is also one of the top FBA prep services in the UK. They have franchises all around the UK. More they help your business grow by supporting you in every possible manner. They prep your products professionally.

Also, help you to expand by more by suggesting products better for you. Storage is available here at lower prices with attractive packages.

FBA Prep Service UK

4.Minatus UK Amazon FBA Pre Prep

The Minatus is the biggest prep service in the UK and EU. They work in a greater domain. With FBA prep service you can extend your import-export business.

Moreover, you can also sell on other platforms of eCommerce. They place your product in the fastest manner. Although, they also provide a delivery service.

5.Easy Prep UK

Easy Prep UK is in England. It is the best Amazon FBA prep service that specializes in providing Online Arbitrage(OA). It makes your life easy!

This service preps, pack and ships products to Amazon FBA. With this, you can grow your business. They have good customer service support.

Easy Prep UK


Best FBA Prep Services Australia

1. Prep Service Australia

FBA Prep Service Australia is the most famous prep service in Australia. They provide inspection, labeling, and packaging very professionally.

Moreover, this prep service takes 24 to 48 hours to update your inventory. This makes your FBA sales better and uninterrupted. They have a list of specialized product over which they earned. They prefer their customers to deal with these items.


Australia Freight Forward is also the best service that can automate FBA business. They provide great logistic solutions when you are importing something. Their customer support will help you in every possible manner.

Moreover, their prep service provides good quality inspection. Professional team pack, label, and ship elegantly to your FBA warehouse. Time management is good. Moreover, they have very reasonable charges for storage facilities. This should be must choose for FBA Australia.


3.Fwd To Amazin

Fwd To Amzin is Canadian based service. They do their business in collaboration with FBA Prep Service Australia. This prep service is partnering with WE PREP FBA in the UK. This had opened the business for FBA sellers in all these territories.

4.OZ FBA prep

OZ FBA prep is a fast service but has the prices are comparatively high. If you need to pace up your prep service. This prep service company will help you with it.

5.Forward to FBA

Forward to FBA is good for inbound FBA prep service. The storage services are cheaper but do not have diverse packages.

So if you are an Australian FBA seller with inbound opportunities. You can discover more by generating work orders.

Forward to FBA


Best Amazon FBA Prep Services Canada

1.AMZ Prep Canada

AMZ prep Canada deals in inbound receiving FBA prep service. So it is better for the sellers working in the USA and Canada. This service also has a team trained for labeling, packaging, and inspection.

Moreover, their account manager setup is the best for seeing all work done in real-time.

2.Canada Prep And Fulfillment

This FBA prep service is a full package. They follow all the procedures of Amazon prep services. Moreover, they have a big storage capacity at a reasonable fee.

Lastly, you can import anything from outside the border. The shipping partner will help to import it. This can maximize the profit beyond expectations.

Canada Prep And Fulfillment

3.North Prep

North Prep is also one of the best Amazon FBA prep company. This is more like FBA prep and ship. With so much content on their official site. It can even help the dumbest to know how it works.

Moreover, with complete FBA prep service, it also provides other opportunities to expand. You can use other platforms as well to promote your products while using the storage.

4.Yeg Prep

Yep Prep is a small FBA prep company with few temporary employees. Prices are good for labeling, packaging, bundling, and storage. But due to the uncertainty of employees, your FBA products can get late.

Yeg Prep

Top 10 FBA prep warehouse services


Flexport is one of the biggest prep warehouses with a cloud-based platform. This platform automates the full supply chain cycle. Flexport supports the Amazon FBA prep services.

This is helping Amazon sellers to figure out the space issue in Amazon warehouses. The Flexport charges based on per pallet calculations.


Freightos helped sellers on amazon FBA to move fast. You can see shipments in real-time. One of the topmost warehouse services enhancing the business.

3.McKenzie Services

McKenzie Services is the third-fastest Warehouse service. This FBA prep service involves 5 easy steps. Firstly, you create an account.

Then, ship the item to prep service company. Further, when the item reaches you get a notification.

Next, Process items.

And Last, they ship it to Amazon Warehouse, when you send FBA labels. That is it.

McKenzie Services

4.EZ Prep

EZPrep is also a very powerful FBA prep service. You have to contact them. They will respond to you back. Create an account. This gives access to their portal.

Tell your shipment plan via the seller account. Shipment can be from any part of the world. When it reaches, make a payment.

That is it. After that, each and everything will be on the portal. You will get notified again when it reaches the FBA warehouse.

5.FBA Transport

This prep service is best for China to Amazon FBA. You just provide them your product. Everything they will do by themselves.

From filing ISF to custom clearance, and reaching Amazon FBA at any part of the world. These Amazon FBA prep services are incredible.


Shapiro is a logistic service with expertise in FBA prep services. Same is the case tell them from where to pick. That is all. They will do the rest. These companies have made taxations and all other liabilities so much easy.


7.FBA Flex Prep

FBA FlexPrep is another third-party logistics service company. This Amazon FBA prep service is also a very powerful tool. Made the life of Amazon seller at ease. They follow the same precedent. Ship them! Prep them! and Done! They charge per unit.


It is the most enlightened prep service platform. You just have to select the policy and way to ship your product. Etailz will do the rest.

9.Eastern Prep Service

Ship directly to Eastern Prep service address. When your product reaches. This FBA prep services provider will receive it. Then, they will inspect, pack, and label. And send it back to your final destination in 24 hours. The work is complete.

Eastern Prep Service


ShipBob is also among the top-notch FBA prep services companies. It is a third-party logistics provider. The ShipBob has changed the life of Sellers and consumers. These services seem to be impossible. Thanks to these guys who helped us out and given us an opportunity.


The Amazon FBA prep services has eased the remaining eCommerce.

Now, you can do business in any part of the country without physical presence.

Thanks to these FBA prep services who gave the opportunity of free and borderless trade. Earning was never that easy.

Now you understood the whole concept of Amazon FBA prep services.

Moreover, the way they have automated the whole world of eCommerce.


The Ultimate Guide to Amazon FBA Prep

Excerpt: This guide to Amazon FBA prep Services covers the process of setting up your account, following Amazon’s packaging requirements, and packaging bundles.

Amazon FBA ( Fulfillment by amazon ) simplifies the process for sellers but it is critical to adhere to their requirements to get the most out of this service.

People all over the world use Amazon as a platform to sell their products. Amazon offers the FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) option, which provides a simple and efficient solution for the delivery and returns of all products.

Read this guide to learn what Amazon FBA is, how it benefits sellers, how it works, and how to Amazon FBA prep your items.

What Is Amazon FBA?

Simply put, Amazon FBA is a service where a company lists a product, item, or bundle of items for sale and sends the products to Amazon. Amazon stores the products and then ships them and handles most aspects of customer service.


The Benefit of Using Amazon FBA

One of the primary benefits of using Amazon’s FBA service is that sellers do not need to handle shipping, refunds, or returns. Amazon has thoroughly developed its distribution process and customers have come to rely on quick, efficient delivery of their purchases.

Sellers and buyers alike have peace of mind knowing that orders will be shipped out right away and the return process will be simple. This translates into savings of time and money for sellers.


How Fulfillment by Amazon Works

It is quite easy to take advantage of Amazon’s FBA services. However, it is critical to use Amazon FBA prep Service to get set up and ensure that Amazon will fulfill future orders.

  1. Set up FBA

Sign into your Amazon seller account and click the link to add FBA to your account. This will ensure that Amazon will fulfill your future listings. If you don’t already have a seller account, set one up beforehand.

If you already have listings on Amazon, it is simple to convert them to FBA. From your seller account, go to the Manage Inventory page. Highlight those listings that you wish to convert to FBA, click on the Actions button, and select Convert to Amazon Fulfillment.

  1. Create Your Product Listings

This is where you will add your products to the Amazon catalog either individually, in bulk, or by integrating your product management software with Amazon’s API.

  1. Prepare Your Products

You will prepare and package your items so that they are safe and secure. This Amazon FBA prep is the final packaging process for your items.

Be sure to secure loose items and wrap fragile items for safe travel. Use packaging tape so that boxes stay sealed during transit. To simplify Amazon FBA prep service, look at Amazon’s preferred prep and shipping supplies on the website.

  1. Ship Your Products to Amazon

Next, you will create your shipping label. Amazon offers online selling tools as well as discounts with their partner carriers. You want to track your shipments as they travel to the Amazon fulfillment center.

Another option is to partner with a company that specializes in shipments to Amazon. These companies simplify and streamline the shipping process for you to eliminate the hassle and concerns regarding your shipments.

3-Ship Your Products to Amazon FBA
  1. Customers Order Your Products and Amazon Picks, Packs, and Ships Them

After a customer purchases your product, Amazon fills the order quickly and efficiently. Amazon Prime customers always receive free shipping but all customers can qualify for free shipping.

This benefits you because customers choose products listed on Amazon specifically to receive these valuable services.

Once Amazon ships your products, they send tracking information to the customer. You can focus on maintaining your inventory and selling products and Amazon will handle the details of shipping and returns.

  1. Amazon Provides Customer Support on Products You Sell

Amazon has a world-renowned customer service team that will handle all aspects of customer requests, refunds, and returns on your products. Their customer service center is always open, which makes customers happy.

There are incredible benefits to having Amazon’s reputation and customer service behind your product, not the least of which is increased customer confidence. Consumers prefer to shop with a trusted, well-known name and Amazon is exactly that.

  1. Make the Most of FREE One-Day Shipping

Amazon Prime customers receive free one-day shipping on all orders. You can ensure that your products are eligible by making sure that your inventory is stocked regularly. Amazon provides sellers with a restock report to help them maintain target inventory levels.

By Using amazon fulfillment services, you can provide a better shopping experience for customers.


Amazon FBA Service Packaging Requirements

Amazon increases the odds of your product arriving safely and securely in your customers’ hands through their requirements and guidelines for packaging.

Proper Amazon FBA prep ensures fewer instances of damage or loss. You can follow these guidelines yourself or you can engage a service that specializes in shipping your products to Amazon.

These requirements are crucial because Amazon does reserve the right to refuse, return, or repackage any product that arrives at a fulfillment center with inadequate or non-compliant packaging at your expense.

  1. General Packaging Rules

  • FNSKU (Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit): The FNSKU must be unique and must correspond to one unique product. Products with different colors or sizes must each contain a unique FNSKU. For example, if you are selling two of the same shirt in different colors, each shirt will have a separate FNSKU.Pls Prep FBA products strictly according to amazon fba label requirements.
  • Tracking: Each unit must have an exterior barcode that can be scanned for easy tracking or corresponding numbers that can be read by a person. It must be easy to access. Make sure to cover existing barcodes with opaque tape or a black felt tip marker.
  1. Packaging Rules by Category

Packaging requirements may vary for specific items in any category. The following are Amazon FBA prep service rules for specific categories.

  • Loose Products

    • You must pack each unit of a product in one secure package. This includes books in multiple-volume sets.
    • Make sure that you label products that are to be sold as a set. The label should say “This is a set” or “Do not separate.”
    • Amazon does not assemble products.
    • Units that are packaged in loose sleeves or pouches must be bagged or secured with a non-adhesive band or removable tape.
    • Footwear of any material must be packaged such that no material is exposed. It can be placed in shoeboxes or poly bags. Poly bags must have a label with a suffocation warning.
  • Boxed Units

    • Boxes must be six-sided, completely sealed, and difficult to open.
    • Boxes must not collapse when medium pressure is applied.
    • Boxed units that have perforated sides or openings must pass a three-foot drop test. You will drop the box one time on each side and once on a corner. If the box fails any portion of the test, you must place it in a poly bag with a suffocation warning.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAqmMK5QK2Y&list=PLArA2Iv0CGQuqKjueZNl_m2nL8AwrdPTc&index=10
  • Poly Bag Units

You need to make sure that poly bags meet these Amazon requirements:

  • Poly bags that have a five-inch or larger opening must have a suffocation warning, which can be printed on the bag or attached on a clearly visible label.
  • The poly bag must be transparent.
  • The poly bag must have a barcode or XOO- label that is scannable through the bag or an XOO- or ASIN label on the bag.
  • Expiration Dates

    • It is mandatory that products that expire have the expiration date printed on the master carton in 36-point or larger font and on the individual units.
    • Expiration dates must be displayed in the format MM-DD-YYYY or MM-YYYY.
    • If the expiration date is incorrectly formatted, you can affix a label with the date in the correct format over it.
    • The expiration date on products that are contained in packaging, such as glass jars or bottles, must have the expiration date accessible for Amazon associates during the receiving process.
    • For more information about products with expiration dates, see Expiration-dated FBA inventory.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQHUWxVJYK8
  1. Specific Poly Bag Requirements

There are specific requirements for poly bags that are used to protect products:

  • The suffocation warning for poly bags with a five-inch or greater opening must be visible and meet the following guidelines for minimum font size (if not, Amazon may re-bag at seller’s expense).
    • 60 inches or more: 24-point font
    • 40 to 59 inches: 18-point font
    • 30 to 39 inches: 14-point font
    • 29 or less inches: 10-point font
  • The bag must be at least 1.5 mil (thousandth of an inch) thick.
  • The bags must be completely sealed.
  • The poly bag may not protrude more than three inches beyond the dimensions of the product.
  • The poly bag must be transparent and have a barcode or XOO- label that is scannable through the bag or an XOO- or ASIN label on the bag
  1. Where Can You Buy Amazon Packaging Supplies?

You need to make sure that any packaging supplies will adhere to Amazon’s strict requirements. If you do not use correct Amazon FBA prep, Amazon may refuse, return, or repackage your products at your expense.

Fortunately, LeelineSourcing offers Amazon-preferred packaging supplies in China. Leelinesourcing can help Amazon Sellers purchase their boxes, tape, poly bags, bubble packs, and any other necessary items to make Amazon FBA prep simple.

Once you have packaged your products for Amazon FBA, shipping companies such as FedEx, USPS, or UPS offer free shipping supplies but you will need to check with them to find out the rates for shipping your products to the Amazon fulfillment centers.

[gdlr_core_button button-text=”Ask FBA Prep Service Quote Now” button-link=”https://leelinesourcing.com/contact-us-2/” button-link-target=”_blank” margin-right=”20px” ]

  1. FBA Packaging Checklist


Although it is crucial to learn and follow the requirements for Amazon FBA prep and ship your products to their fulfillment centers, it always helps to go over this final checklist before you send them.

  1. Each item should be wrapped individually.
  2. Use materials to cushion your items inside the box.
  3. Boxes must be six-sided, sturdy, and difficult to open.
  4. Seal your boxes with strong shipping tape.
  5. Cover any old barcodes or shipping labels.
  6. The shipping label should be visible with a clear return address.
  7. Boxes should remain separate.
  8. Include suffocation warning on poly bags.

How to Package Bundles for FBA

Selling products in a bundle is a great way to create a unique product for your customers. Amazon has Bundle Guidelines that clarify what you can or cannot bundle. Following Amazon’s policies and guidelines will ensure that your products are easy to discover for Amazon customers.

There is a distinction between a multi-item set and a bundle. A multi-item set is a product that has one ASIN/UPC whereas a bundle is several products that each has its own ASIN/UPC. You cannot sell a set as a bundle.

You can pair together three unique products such as a yoga mat, yoga pants, and an exercise ball. However, yoga sets containing a top and yoga pants would be considered one product. Be sure to read the Amazon bundling requirements before you select your bundle.

Here are a few ideas for bundles that you can create:

  1. Convenience Bundles will include products that go together, such as a camera, a flash, and a memory card.
  2. Brand Bundles will include different products with the same brand name. For example, a group of Pokemon items can be offered as a bundle.
  3. Themed Bundles will have a common theme. For example, you could have a “new kitten bundle,” which would include items needed by someone who has a new kitten.
  4. Gift Bundles might include a group of gifts for special occasions. There might be a teacher gift bundle containing various items for a teacher and so on.
  5. Hobby Bundle: This might include items for a particular hobby, such as an art supply bundle or a scrapbooking bundle.

Bundles are a wonderful way to make products uniquely yours and you may increase sales by offering a bundled product that isn’t available elsewhere.

Make sure that you come up with a creative name that makes your bundle easy to find and package your bundle in a basket, tote bag, or gift box.

Choose the category of your featured item or theme. You can only choose one so make sure it will attract the highest number of customers.


Amazon FBA is a great service. Amazon’s trained professionals handle the shipping and customer service while amazon sellers focus on inventory and products.

It is important that you follow Amazon’s guidelines and requirements in your Amazon FBA prep to get the most out of this service.

There are many amazon fba prep Service centers in china, Leeline sourcing will be your best choice.

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