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Alibaba is the world’s largest e-commerce company.

It hosts the largest B2B marketplace. Its online sales and profits surpassed all US retailers.

These retailers include Walmart, Amazon, and eBay combined.

Sellers selling on marketplaces worldwide, consider Alibaba to source products for their stores.

Alibaba best selling products are in demand for everyone. That is, either a bricks-and-mortar or online e-commerce store, it is the best option.

But, finding these best selling products is not easy peasy.

Because of its voluminousness, you’ll find it difficult to get the right match. Moreover, there are lots of frauds as well that you need to beware of.

Yet, there is nothing to despair.

After reading this guide, you will be able to know what are Alibaba best selling products.

Also, how you can find them, and the buying process.

This will help you know all the options that you should keep into consideration.

And will also lift your wholesale and retail business. 

Simple as that you will be the master of Alibaba best selling products world.

Now, let us help you find out Alibaba’s best-selling products and what is the most lucrative way to find them.


What is Alibaba? is different from conventional marketplaces you encounter in your daily routine. Here pricing and selling methods are different.

Alibaba is a business hub for most of Chinese manufacturers. Besides, many manufacturers worldwide have also joined the league.

The platform offers products based on the least order quantity and price range. Here you have to negotiate on the prices, verify the quality, and source it to your destination.

Key Features

  • Alibaba is the best option for wholesalers.
  • The platform is also fruitful for buyers who need custom white label products.
  • It is a full-fledged platform for those who need to import high margin in bulk.
  • The products here are of good quality and low-priced than any other online market.
  • Manufacturers and industries are selling these themselves in bulk.

Pros and Cons of Buying from Alibaba

Alibaba has liberated online trade. There are hundreds of thousands of opportunities that you can consider and decide your fate. We know, every cloud has a silver lining. So, with so many pros there are some cons that we should know about. As mentioned earlier, there are frauds as well. Many traders and wholesalers mimic to be factories but in reality, they are not. But after a proper scrutiny process, you will understand how to identify them.  So, let’s see some pros and cons of buying from Alibaba

Pros of Buying from Alibaba

  • As manufacturers are the direct sellers on Alibaba, you will have higher profits.
  • There are many opportunities in every category because the inventories are expanding daily.
  • If you want to be a brand, white labels or custom designs are available. They can name it whatever you like.
  • Custom offer help you design product according to your target audience
  • This gives you a sense of ownership.
  • Yet, a bit difficult for a newbie, the searching process is easy and comprehensive. These supporting tools that could send you to the exact person you need.
  • There is an option to send and share requests automatically when you generate bid demand.
  • You can ask for samples, inspection, or factory audits to check the product quality.

Cons of Buying from Alibaba

  • You cannot buy a single product at a competitive price. The least you buy higher would be the price. So, you always need to consider the MOQ.
  • You can’t sell a brand item in your area without the permission of the distributor. So it is better not to buy branded products from China.
  • You will not receive a high-quality photo of your product. Because many manufacturers are SME. Or, they might have recently shifted to e-commerce. So, they might not have a professional photography staff.
  • The clothing size is different in Asia. So, when you think your niche is a clothing line, due diligence is important.
  • Delicate and fragile items can get faulty or broken. So it is not a good option for newbies unless you know sourcing agents.
  • You can experience a lot of delays while receiving the product. During the current situation of COVID-19, you may experience more delays. Prepare your mind for that. Or confirm it from reliable resources before placing an order.

What are the best selling products of Alibaba?

There are many products on Alibaba that are high in demand. Many industrial machines and very high-ticket products are selling in high amounts. But there are many risks affiliated with those items. So, after reviewing the pros and cons of buying, we came across some quality checks. If your product lies in that quality category, the product will be fruitful for you.

Following are the key points that you should consider buying a product from Alibaba:

  • The product should be of low net worth and high-profit margins.
  • The volume and weight ratio should be the least.
  • The product should not be very fragile and delicate.
  • Don’t buy products like glass crockery. As they could get damaged, during pallet movement.
  • Don’t buy clothing from Alibaba unless verified every item size. It is better not to take the risk if you are a newbie, without proper guidance and supervision.
  • Solid; lightweight, and volume; and low price is the perfect match.

Worldwide entrepreneurs have different approaches to see the compatibility of the products. Yet, we recommend the one mentioned above. Based on this, we have researched the top 20 products that are Alibaba best selling products.

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Top 20 Alibaba Best-Selling Products

There is no method or available tool that can tell you the best-selling product on Alibaba. For this, you need in-depth research of the whole marketplace. So, considering the key points, the following are the top 20 Alibaba best selling products:

iPhone Tempered Glass

iPhone tempered glass will remain high in demand until the existence of Apple Inc. Tempered glass for iPhones has a clear lead over other products on Alibaba. We use this glass to protect the iPhone from unprecedented damage. This product is compact and lightweight. This gives it the best shot for the product with the lowest custom duty and other shipping charges. The profit margin is also quite high as the price of such products is not set or defined. You can brand them with your name as well. Because of the low price, high profit, and turnover, the returns will never bother you. Moreover, if you put these products in your Amazon FBA your monthly charges would be quite low as well.  Additionally, this product is high in demand on marketplaces as well. According to our key points, this item meets all the qualities. Give it a shot! Find the manufacturer, and lock the deal.

​Iphone Tempered glass

Portable charging bin

The charging bin is number to on Alibaba list. A portable charging bin is a case for AirPods, earbuds, phones, watches. A portable charging bin can charge these gadgets. Moreover, you can also use these cases to put your device into it. For example, nowadays, wireless AirPods or earbuds come with this case. So, it is a power bank in a case.

Portable charging bins are high in demand these days. Charging bin for AirPods, and earbuds are topping these. Before, when nothing of this kind was available, the mic and speakers get damaged in the pockets. Moreover, the thing that small gets lost because they don’t have a definite place.  This revolutionary product has given earbuds a place of their own. People worldwide loved this idea. They want to have this stylish charging bin for their gadgets. And when it is not as expensive as Apple-made ones, they will rush.

​Portable charging bin

Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

Wireless Bluetooth earphone is number three on the list. With the increased use of cellular devices, related items are high in demand too. That is why wireless Bluetooth earphone is a hot selling item. You can research on the colors and shapes that you find out would be likable. Talk to your manufacturer on Alibaba, ask for any advancement you think would be better. If they have any new or fruitful idea go for that or follow the highest-selling shape worldwide. Earphones matching AirPods in shape with a soft and adjusting ear-tips could be an option. This product is also, high selling product these days. As people stay at home and everyone has their own choices, the demand will keep rising.

​Wireless Bluetooth Earphone


The necklace is another hot selling product these days. People worldwide adore necklaces with names, small symbols, or any minimalistic art. Jewelry will never go out of demand. There could be a change in the style, but this never went down. The type of necklace that is trending number four is a pendant styled necklace. In this design, the artwork is facing downwards. This is a new trend. For example a necklace with rose flower looking downward.


iPhone Case

iPhone Cases are the Alibaba best selling product. Simple iPhone cases with a variety of colors provide options to the customers. Likewise, other mobile gadgets, this is another hot selling thing. So, these iPhone cases would also be high in demand for a never-ending time. iPhone Cases are again lightweight. They do not cover a lot of space. They do not break as well. iPhone cases give protection. So, this is a greater option. These days simple iPhone covers are in different colors are hot selling products.

​Iphone Case

 iPhone Cable

iPhone magnetic cable is another Alibaba best selling product.

It has stronger magnetic and fast charging and data transmission. Both sides are of metal. It has a detachable magnetic connector. That is easy to snap on, reducing abrasion during inserting or plugging out the cable. When you are not charging, you can use the magnetic connector as an anti-dust plug. iPhone cable is an interesting gadget. The big selling of the iPhone brings great business opportunities for its accessories. iPhone cable manages a position in Alibaba best selling products.

.Iphone Cable

Rainbow Brushes

These are not ordinary brushes in rainbow colors. Rainbow brushes use a special kind of bamboo in production with multicolor. You are not the only one who wants to try this product with unique colors and nature of origin. Rainbow Brushes are one of the best-selling products of 1688, AliExpress, and Alibaba. They have very high rated reviews. The uniqueness has made this product among top-selling products.

Rainbow Brushes

Nail Art Design

The eye-catching designs of nail art. Plus, the phenomenal shades of nail paints and the variety make it a hot selling item. The impressive look of the product can also become a cause of a large number of orders. The nail art design is also trending high on charts. It is also among the Alibaba best selling product.

Various Necklaces

Necklaces at such a cheap rate make it a leading market segment that attracts many customers. You may choose different designs but be careful to check the rates. The provided variety of necklaces has made it a best-selling product. Necklaces with different vector designs are also high in demand. They are low in demand compared to pendants. But, if your niche is a jewelry shop, this would be lucrative for you.

Teeth Whitening Powder

Teeth are part of first impressions. Many people judge your cleanliness by your teeth. So, products like these are viral products. They can become a trend in a go with a proper ad campaign.

It should have some positive effects; thus, More than 50, 000 people ordered it till April 2020. The teeth whitening powder is also among Alibaba best selling products.

Teeth Whitening Powder

Flowered iPhone Case

We find the flowered iPhone case is an interesting item according to our research on Alibaba. With great sales volume, it has become the best selling product on Alibaba.

Nail Stickers

Nail stickers are a new nail minimalistic designing style. Women always want to look perfect. Thus, nail art and stickers that can add beauty to their nails are the best fit for sale. It has more than 50 thousand sales. Flower stickers for nails with a high rating and cheap prices stands on the 12th position in our order.

Long Sleeve Top for girls

After the coronavirus pandemic, the covered clothing outfit is trending high. Long-sleeved tops are one of them. These elegant styled Tops are high in demand with their unique and versatile style.  The long-sleeved top with striking design has won good feedback from the users. Sellers on Alibaba have achieved sales growth by this hot selling model.

Micro USB Cable      (Android)

Another product from the world of electronics is Micro USB cable. It provides an easy connection with smartphones and computer devices. The wire strength, durability, and very cheap prices made it top ordered product. It is also one of Alibaba best selling products engaging customers.

Magnetic Micro USB Cable

Android’s Magnetic USB device in our list shows the fame of these connecting cables.  It connects smartphones as a USB. It has a high data transfer rate and connectivity. Micro USB Cable is popular as it connects with all types of android mobiles. Magnetic micro USB cable is famous works the same as the iPhone one which we mentioned earlier.

Diamond Texture iPhone Case

Among other types of casings for iPhone, diamond texture cases are also popular.  It gives a dynamic poly-designed clear look of the back. Also, protects the device. These cases enhance the beauty and grip of carrying an iPhone. The wide use of these cases has caused them to be Alibaba best selling products.

Fake eyelashes / Eyelashes Extension

Fake eyelashes are an important part of the makeup. The shape and natural look of eyelashes make them be Alibaba best selling products. The diversity of the list has pointed out that there are many items of users’ interest. But, these are usually cheap priced items. Because of the high sales volume, bricks-and-mortar have increased buying on Alibaba.

Nail Gel

Nail gel is among the top ordered product. It provides a large variety of colors and glamour. The lavishing colors and the eye-catching quality of the nail gel make people buy. One can have colored nails with every outfit. This enhances the beauty of the nails.

iPhone Screen Protector

Again, another best selling item for iPhone accessory. As phone often gets slipped from our hands and this is the only protection. That can save a screen. So, whenever a mobile fell, or someone had a new iPhone, wait for the call.


The durable and cheap priced earphone has made its way into the best-selling product. of Alibaba as these are affordable to everyone.

Moreover, these have a soothing and clear sound. They adjust very fine. Earphones are compatible with a wide range of devices. That is why they are among the Alibaba best selling products.

Step-by-Step Process of Buying from Alibaba

Searching on Alibaba is a bit technical because of the variety and type of sellers. But going through these steps you will be able to find your manufacturer easily. Thes are the steps that guide you through the whole process.

1.       Searching for Products

​Top 20 Alibaba Best-Selling Products

2.       Create an Alibaba account.

Go to the Alibaba homepage and sign in if you already have an account. Else you can choose to join free.  Follow the on-screen instructions and you will have your account.

3.       Search for a product and filter your search results.

There are many ways of searching for products on Alibaba. The Simplest way is by typing keywords or phrases into the products’ search bar on the main page.

Select the Products tab, enter your search term in the search bar.

Then select your country using the drop-down menu and click the Search button.

Another way is, you can also search using the category options if you know the one. It is on the left-hand side of the homepage. Hover over a category then select a subcategory to browse products.

Searching by product and category can return many items. So, it could take a plethora of time to sort products. You can use the options on the left side of the search results page to narrow your search. Get specific as much as you can. You return less, but more accurate results

4.       Search by a supplier

You can select the Suppliers tab next to the search bar,  instead of searching by product. This will give you details about the suppliers. Especially those who specialize in the product you are trying to buy.

5.       Post a Request For Quotations (RFQ)

You can also request for quotation or RFQ as well.  RFQ specifies your sourcing needs and compares direct quotes from many suppliers. Select the Submit RFQ option and create your post in the space provided.

Enter a product keyword and desired quantity in the space asked. In the message body, you can type any other relevant product specs.

Below the message body, you can add details about your shipping destination. Moreover, you can share the preferred payment method as well.

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6.       Negotiate the payment price and method.

Negotiate on the payment method with the manufacturer during the scrutiny process. Always select protected payment methods like PayPal, Alipay, Credit cards. Make it your habit! The lower the price, the more profit will you have. So always negotiate on price and payment. Chinese always compensate for payments, it is part of their culture.


7.       Ask for samples

Sample help you understand the quality, time, and speed of the manufacturer. Before ordering in bulk, requesting a sample is the must-to-do. Because with this, you will understand the whole cycle. That is, you will understand the delivery time. You can see the packaging. Last, you can see the quality as well.

8.       Confirm the quality of products through samples

After receiving the samples, if the product has some labs test, confirm by doing that. Or if your product needs a visible inspection you can check it that way as well. Or you can contact your sourcing agent if they are checking on your behalf.

9.       Place Your First Bulk Order and Make your purchase

This is the final step in the purchasing process. After confirming all the steps, take your sourcing agent in confidence, and make a payment. After that, cross your fingers and wait for the order that is coming to you for the first time.

10.  Resell the product on your online store after it arrives

Now, congratulation you have your product with you. With you mean the place you have asked the manufacturer/sourcing agent to send. It might a local warehouse or any other market place like Amazon FBA.

Calculate your costs. Start setting the prices for the products you received. Check out what amount others are selling for. Select a market competitive price. And start a proper social campaign to let people understand what are you selling.

How to find the best selling products on Alibaba?

While searching, you should need to be very careful with your keywords. Try to be as specific as you could be. To find the most accurate search result.

Also, narrow down the locations that you have identified during the pre-qualification phase.

This will help you lose many of the wholesalers and traders that are not located in the same province in China.

The Initial Search.

During the initial search, you should need to be very careful with your keywords. Try to be as specific as you could be. To find the most accurate search result.  Also, narrow down the locations that you have identified during the pre-qualification phase.

This will help you lose many of the wholesalers and traders that are not located in the same province in China.

Observe the sales volume of goods.

After initiating the initial search. Now it’s time to scrutinize more. Check the volume of goods sold by different manufacturers. Check whether they offer the amount that you need. Suppose the least volume amount is higher than your budget, ask for whether they offer a discount or not. If not change the category of sellers and find a trader for you.

Searching For the Right Supplier.

While searching for the right supplier, you should need to be very careful with your keywords. Try to be as specific as you could be. To find the most accurate search result.

Also, narrow down the locations that you have identified during the pre-qualification phase.

This will help you lose many of the wholesalers and traders that are not located in the same province in China.

Gold Supplier

Gold Supplier is a paid premium membership for suppliers on This is also a good sign if your supplier is a Gold supplier. It somehow assures that the supplier is legitimate. Alibaba provides suppliers with extensive ways to promote their products.

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Assessed Supplier.

Assessed Supplier is the most important of all. Alibaba has had a third-party company. To earn a badge, a third-party company visits the factory of the supplier.  They check out their facilities. Alibaba grants assessed supplier badge when the factory meets the quality check.

Gold Supplier

FAQ For Alibaba:

Q1: Some recommendations when buying a product from Alibaba for the first time:

Ans: Finding an Alibaba Supplier is not difficult but a technical process. For this, you should know how to search on Alibaba for the supplier. You should know how to weed out the fake factories. Also, you should know how to negotiate with the supplier. And how to lock the deal with your Alibaba Supplier for a long term lucrative business.

Q2:  Is Alibaba bigger than Amazon?

Ans: Yes, Alibaba is bigger than Amazon in terms of business done there. But as Amazon has many other services like AWS and FBA, and they charge a lot. Thus, Amazon is greater than Alibaba in terms of revenue, they earn.

Q3: Can anyone order Alibaba?

Ans: Yes, anyone who is willing to sell products can order in bulk online. But, Alibaba is not suitable for individuals looking for single items.

Q4: Can I buy 1 item from Alibaba?

Ans: No, you cannot buy 1 item from Alibaba as it is a B2B platform. This platform is for people interested in wholesale buy or bulk buy. For 1 item AliExpress or 1688 are the better options.

Q5: Is it safe to buy from Alibaba?

Ans: Yes, it is safe to buy from Alibaba. But as a security measure, complete understanding and due diligence are important.

Q6: How do I find a trusted supplier on Alibaba?

Ans: The Alibaba suppliers with three badges guarantee that the supplier is authentic. These badges are Gold supplier, Trade assurance, and assessed suppliers.

Q7: 4 Tips for Safe Buying from Alibaba:

Ans: For safe buying keep these points into consideration:

  1. Use reputable suppliers. Ask sourcing agent to help.
  2. Reviews and Ratings tell a lot of the story. Before you decide on a supplier, make sure you check the reviews and ratings associated with them.
  3. Do not buy branded products
  4. Due diligence before buying.

How LeeLine Sourcing Help You find best selling products on Alibaba.

LeeLine Sourcing is one of the best sourcing agencies in China. They are highly committed to offering their clients the best services. We have sourced many products over a long period. This has developed instincts in every member of this company. LeeLine Sourcing offers factory inspection and audits. This helps in verifying the authenticity of your manufacturers. LeeLine Sourcing commits to finding out the best solution for their clients. LeeLine helps its clients by going out of the box.  LeeLine has its database of suppliers which is a perk of working in e-commerce and trading. So, we know about many of the existing factories.  We can also assist you in dealing with and negotiation process. This will overcome your language barrier. LeeLine acts as eyes for its customers, it shares real-time during the inspection as well. So LeeLine can also work as your virtual assistant in China. We have many of our satisfied customers who know our working process.

Final Thoughts on Alibaba best selling products

Bottom line is, after reading this you will be able to know the pitfalls of Alibaba best selling products. You will also have insight into the top 20 products we have chosen for you.

Final words, finding Alibaba best selling products is not difficult but technical. For this, you should know how to search on Alibaba for the supplier. You should know how to weed out the fake factories. Also, you should know how to negotiate with the supplier. And how to lock the deal with your Alibaba Supplier for a long term lucrative business.

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